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Twist and Turns

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Today was NOT the day I had planned, but God was totally in it.  It's really amazing how we can think we know what we need and want and God just slaps us otherwise.  

We close on our construction loan this Wednesday, and dirt, as my friend Larry Renne says, "starts flying" hopefully Thursday.  (http://texasvineyardhomes.com/)

I'm really going to have a "bluh" week.  TAKS is this week, and I'm proctoring the test three of the four days.  For my ADHD-self, nothing is longer.  Watching kids take a test and giving them permission to use the restroom isn't my cup of tea.  However, we'll have some extra time this week to take a break from homework, which SHOULD allow me to catch up on grading, and for that I'm thankful.  

I never seem to be "caught up" with grading.  It COULD be that I am outnumbered 158 to one or it could be I try to grade too much?  I'm not sure.

I met some really nice people today and had a few small world moments.  I saw a lady I used to teach with at Rowlett in Melissa, Texas, (Rhonda Smith) and we met a man who is from Fordyce, AR, where he was a "Redbug."  He knows some Raymers from Fordyce, but it turns out they were "Reimers" and not "Raymers."  Anyhow, finding someone who knew the little town where Kent's parents are from in Arkansas, was a small world.

Saturday the kids and I, without the assistance of the GPS, drove to McKinney to get groceries.  Of course I chose WalMart because I had a few home-improvement things to buy, but man, that was a rookie country girl mistake.  WalMart was CROWDED beyond belief and the three of us, all unmedicated were bouncing off the aisles.  The little Raymers really did keep their "May I get this" questions in check, but the trip, after getting REALLY lost finding the store, was a beating--hair in one of the cart wheels and all.

I managed to make it through the grocery list without having any MOMMY DEAREST moments, and God showed me a bit of mercy by having the crowded store have one checkout lane with NO ONE in front of us.  We unloaded our cart ASAP and were back on the road to Blue Ridge.  I called Kent and warned him that I was "checking out" when I got home and to PLEASE unload the groceries.  He so graciously did this; he could probably hear the foul mood over the telephone.

One cool thing I discovered is that Macaroni Grill now has "make it at home" kits for many of their popular restaurant dishes.  Tonight I made the Chicken Alfredo kit, and it was quite tasty.  (I did not look at the calorie count; the most important thing on the box was the "READY IN UNDER 20 MINUTES" label.

So, now WalMart has TWO items I can't seemingly live without.  Stacy's Cinnamon Pita Chips and the Macaroni Grill products.  http://www.walmart.com/search/search-ng.do?search_constraint=976759&ic=48_0&search_query=macaroni+grill&Find.x=0&Find.y=0&Find=Find

Must find a real grocery store, must find a real grocery store.

Also as sort of a postscript, there is a wind turbine in the WalMart parking lot; the turbine is HUGE!  I drove by a wind farm last summer driving to Boy Scout Camp in Colorado, but I saw the windmills from the safety of my Ford Windstar (ironic) moving swiftly down the interstate.  Up close morbid thoughts about the propellers flying off and taking out shoppers crossed our minds.  We even wondered "Is that thing safe, etc.?"  My brainwashed kids proceeded to tell me how "green energy" can actually hurt the environment, yada yada yada.  I told them, "Don't believe everything you hear," and backed away quickly from the thing.  IF I venture back into the WalMart (which I'm sure I will) I'm parking on the other end of the lot next time and hoping that doomsday doesn't happen on our or anyone else's watch.


Alison said...

You crack me up! Sounds like me when I moved from small-town America to "the big city"! I was so totally lost!!! Seriously, I had no clue there was actually such a thing as a line at the grocery store!!!