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Critters and curvy roads and remembering to wave

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Today we had to take two vehicles to church as I had a meeting after "big church."  Kent and the children went for a drive in the country, and I went to Half Price Books and Target.

 I didn't mean to waste any time, but it was about 3:30 p.m. when I came home!  Kent had been napping and unbeknownst to me, I had about a bazillion text messages wondering, "Where are u?" from Claire and Kent.  Pate was probably oblivious to me not being home. 

I found some cool things at Target and just wondered around for a while yet had "Dave Ramsey" stuck in the back of my head.

 On one of my last hairpin turns back to Blue Ridge, it happened again!  A darn roadrunner ran out into the road!  RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME!  This is the second time we've seen one, but the first time I've been behind the wheel and if I "slo mo" the event, I can tell you the following.

 It seems that the bird intentionally dogged out into the road.  It looked over its left shoulder as to say, "Yeah, I see you!" as it darted across the road.  It is a beautiful bird and I was in its way.  The creature delighted in scaring me to death and it was about the size of a squirrel?  (A City-girl reference for critters is still in place.)  

 After I made it home I asked Kent if he thought the thing was waiting for someone to come by or if it just by chance nearly became a hood ornament.  He gave me that, "Are you seriously asking this as a serious question?" look and said, "Stacey.  It was a coincidence."  Still, doubt lingered so tonight I went to the all-knowing website, wikipedia.org, for a little bird-brained insights.

 Here's a few links to all things roadrunner:




 Some fun things I learned:

1.  Roadrunners are from the Cuckoo family!  

2.  They have, on each foot, two toes in the front and two in the back.

3.  They mate for life.  Awwwh!  How sweet!  LOVE BIRDS!  This makes me want to avoid killing them even more.  I don't want to widow or widower any bird in an untimely fashion!  

 It's a small world

This weekend Claire was getting her "hair done" and I remarked to the stylist that I'd seen a roadrunner!  She matter-of-fact-ly told me that the State of Texas Parks and Wildlife Department had reintroduced roadrunners and BOBCATS to the area a while back!  

 I think the roadrunners are "reintroducing" just fine OR I've seen the same bird twice!  Now, about those bobcats....  Yikes!