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The drive to the city

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5:05 a.m.  5:00 a.m. 5:35 a.m.  Each morning the alarm clock is set for something different.  I just know if I don't LEAVE Blue Ridge to head to Garland by 6:00 a.m. I am HOSED as the traffic on US75/ Central Expressway is CRAZY with folks doing the same thing as me--commuting!  

I pull into the Naaman parking lot most days at 6:45 a.m. and have students waiting at the door for me.  Some days they are there to make up work, some days they want a safe place to "chill" before the 7:20 bell summons them to class.  Other days I end up having "mom talks" and giving advice to them about college; what they should and shouldn't do on the weekends.  Things like that.

My day proceeds usually without any trouble.  I have second period conference and get to see some of my best friends at Naaman!  (I LOVE second period conference.)  I then teach another 90-minutes, and I am supposed to go to lunch, but I've been "powering down" instead.  I've discovered if I make my room dark and lock the door, I can get a serious power nap in before the children return from lunch fed and ready to learn for another 30-minutes.  (Yeah, right?)  The last class, another 90 minutes, usually flies by, then I run my after-school errands or tutor kids AGAIN.  I am out of the building most days at 3:15 and home in Blue Ridge by 4:00 p.m. where I seem to fix dinner quickly and attempt to watch the news but usually fall asleep again!

I used to work midnights and I lived to sleep.  I wasn't depressed at all; just really tired.  I feel that way again.  I don't really mind the drive; it's the whole "wake up early" thing that is hard.

Listening to NPR has passed the time, but the station is in the middle of its "annual fundraising campaign" and the break in "regularly-scheduled programing" is as annoying as when PBS used to nix SESEME STREET for hours at a time to promote their annual campaign.  Instead of Big Bird and Ernie I stared impatiently at the screen looking at happy people picking up ringing telephones.  

I SHOULD call in and do my part to raise money, but the Spirit hasn't moved to do this.  There is this cool gadget at the $125.00 level, but it will have to wait for my monthly budget meeting.