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Day 7/Week 1

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It's seems so cliche, and I was PREPARED for it, but I'm missing Kelsey a lot.  It's the little things... getting out of routines I had with her.  "Good morning, Kelsey."  "Have you done _____, Kelsey?"  Those kinds of things.  I go to ask them, then I realize she isn't here.

One morning last week, while getting lunches ready for the kids, I actually set up a lunch sack for her, and almost wrote her name on the bag, before I realized she didn't need a lunch.  :(

I've called Claire "Kelsey" a few times this week.  So many people are asking how she is doing and how we are doing, that it isn't easy to lie...we're just being honest, crying when we need to, and loving her all the way across the ocean.  Church was hard yesterday, but it's the "first" time we've gone without her.  

However, I know that she is doing a great work in England and she'll be home very soon.  I also realize she is missing us too, and that she is probably very lonely, but she ISN'T alone.  :)

There are only 71 days until she's home for a wedding.  We can wait that long.  While we are waiting, we've got to get her new room ready for her.  We've promised!