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Building our Home

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We have picked a builder and are about to close on our construction loan.  Please PRAY that this process goes smoothly.  You throw two people together who have specific ideas about his/her "dream home" and things don't always mesh easily.  However, I feel we are on the same page MOST of the time.

Last weekend I dog-earred about fifty pages of thin
gs I liked and Sharpee marked specific things, so hopefully, Kent will "see" my vision.  

It's hard to know what you want and then picking out the real thing in an item.  I feel like I'm having to shoe shop for a lifetime of shoes and plan ahead for trends, things I'll like, "shoes" I'll wear when I'm old and having to make space/room/plan for the future people who will also wear shoes in our house!  Ahhh!  

Here are some pictures of the lot.  Stage 1:  Move dirt around and dream three-dimensionally from a one-dimensional blue print!

Interesting Post Script:  I am NOT allergic (yet) to Poison Ivy.  We were removing "vines" last week at our property, the base of which were about 2-3" thick.  (This was last week sometime and Kent told me TODAY that it was PI.)  Anyhow, we washed our hands when we got home, but indeed unless it has a freakishly-late rash outbreak period, I've dodged the evil vine this time.  (It is my worst nightmare to have this horrible itch, especially when my friend Peter, last year at Scout Camp in Colorado, had a HORRIBLE outbreak, and it festered even more because of the heat.)