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Country Kindness

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Yesterday I heard, over the intercom system, for "Stacey Raymer" to call the front office.  I never receive pages, so I immediately freaked out.

I called the front office assistant, and she asked me, "Do you live in Blue Ridge????"  I said, "Yes," thinking the school was calling about one of my kids.  (What have they done now?)

The assistant proceeded to tell me she had the weirdest telephone call.

My husband was out of town from Friday-Wednesday morning.  As I was trying to be a parent AND another parent while he was gone, I basically lived out my car and took lots of short cuts to survive.  We didn't deep clean the house or shine any silver while Kent was gone, that's for sure.  

I guess on Wednesday, after Kent returned home and when I was switching my book bags and things from my his vehicle, which I got to drive while he was gone, to my SUV and had all the vehicles' doors opened in the process, the winds of the Blue Ridge prairie swept away several pieces of important mail.  The yet-to-be mailed documents landed across the street in my neighbor's yard, but since we are so new, she hadn't met us yet.

I have been doing "moving chores" like changing addresses with businesses, organizations, etc. during my conference period at school, and I used a Naaman Forest envelope to process my paperwork updating my address with the Teacher Retirement System, all I needed was a stamp, so I brought the envelope home with me to affix a stamp then take to the post office.  Slight problem--I forgot about taking it inside as I had a bazillion things on my mind.  

My neighbor, unknowingly inheriting my to-be-mailed mail through wind propagation, only saw the return address of "Naaman Forest High School, care of Stacey Raymer" and she took the time to telephone the school to see if a "Stacey Raymer" worked there.

Long story short, I would have NEVER realized the mail was missing until a few weeks later and then proceeded to tear apart, in vain, my house looking for it.  In addition to the TRS letter, which had my social security number tucked inside of it, my new vehicle registration sticker blew into her yard as did an important piece of mail for Kelsey from the World Wildlife Fund (She has a thing for panda bears.)

After I got home yesterday, I crossed to street (road?) to thank properly Amy for being a kind person and taking time out of her day to investigate a strange event caused by an absent-minded former city girl.  

I marveled afterwards at the series of events that led my neighbor to call Naaman.  If Amy's example is country hospitality at it's finest, I'll take more of it.