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Sunflowers, Benadryl and Softball

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When one decides on a whim to plant sunflower seeds in tall weeds, remember to check for poisonous plants.   The sunflowers are growing, but so is the rash on my leg.  :(

 I’ve had the leg funk for a few weeks!  Not fun.  At first we thought it might be a Staph infection, which grosses out most anyone I tell, and yesterday I returned to the doctor, where she told me it might be something poisonous.  So, after a shot of “get rid of it” in the rump, I came home to tell myself all afternoon, “I must not itch, I must not itch….”

 After a dose of Benadryl, a miracle drug created by angels sent from God, I took a much-needed nap.  I am also thankful that I got a substitute for today at the last minute and I had the foresight to leave lessons plans on my desk, just in case.  J

 So, it is expensive living in a small town.  Since the school doesn’t have a lot of money, parents have to raise funds for almost everything.  We’ve been blessed that we can afford things, but I’ve been thinking a lot about those who can’t.  While I haven’t ventured out much, I hope this town doesn’t have a “have and a have-not” culture.  

I have some cool things lined up for next school year, and it’s all a God thing how it has happened.  More to come soon about this.

Raining cats and dogs with a few tornados thrown in

Claire has had TWO weeks of no softball.  The first week was due to rain and this week is a preventative measure for stopping the Swine Flu (H1N1 Influenza) from spreading.  Since my kids have barely left the town, I think we’re good.  We’ve also become obsessive hand-washers and learned recently to sing the “ABCs” while we are washing our hands.  I’m doing that each time I need the soap and sink.  J

This Saturday Claire has a TRIPLE HEADER for softball.  After that we have an Eagle Ceremony in Garland to attend, so it’s outdoors all-day long for the Raymers, minus Peyton who will no doubt skip two of Claire’s games so he can be a “gamer” and play PS3 some.

Peyton leaves next week for an AWESOME trip with his school traveling practically all over Texas to see several historic sites.  There was a last-minute opening for him, and I’m so thankful he wants to go.  I wish there was a trip like that when I was in the Seventh Grade.  His teacher is really great, so I know he’ll come home fact-filled and tired. 

He tells me that his history grade the last report card was lower than his other classes as his teacher’s room is so filled with memorabilia.  It’s hard for his ADHD-Inattentive self to stay focused when there is so much to look at while in her room.  J  His teacher is retiring this year, and I imagine it will take a while to take down all of her decorations and treasures.

I have some important meetings this week at school; please pray these will go as planned.  I also have a packed calendar thanks to “softball catch up.”  Kent, buy those butt-cushions for the bleachers ASAP or we’ll “shoulda, coulda, woulda” this weekend without them.  

P.S.  We closed on our construction loan last Thursday and it has rained ever since!  We need some dry days to get the foundation and framing done.  :)