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My semi-annual post. ;)

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Living in the country may be casual, but it isn't less busy! This school year, I've been swamped, but I'm LOVING what I'm teaching this year. I have the privilege of teaching English I Honors and English III. I love American literature and teaching juniors.

I also am teaching my son this year...first period! It's been quite fun, and I'm TRYING to pretend he is just another student, but I do find I'm holding him to "higher expectations."

Our football team made the playoffs this year, and it was fun to have such a winning season; we finished 8-3 for the year. Great job, Tigers!

I'm also grateful that we didn't have a COLD football season as last year we froze the entire month of October during district play.

We just finished celebrating Thanksgiving, and it was great having Kelsey home for the holiday. She is truly loving college and I'm loving watching her live a righteous life in Fayetteville.

We spent time with my family in east Texas for Thanksgiving, and for the first time ever, our family ran in a "Turkey Trot" on Thanksgiving morning. Our youngest daughter, Claire, finished second in the "Under 20 division." I'm proud of her perseverance and staying strong mentally. Thanks to Uncle A for encouraging her to finish strong. He ran to keep up with her as the rest of us were not in shape to do the encouraging! :)

We're decorated for Christmas at the farm. It's neat to decorate and not be "dog tired" as last Christmas we had just moved into our home and it was a lot of work unpacking then immediately trying to decorate and shop for Christmas.

I also got a long-awaited present a bit early. We've been waiting to get new living room furniture for the longest as our new "living room" area didn't jive with the furniture we brought from our "city" home. After a few mishaps, we've settled all the furniture in place. The only thing that would make it better is if Sarah Richardson would come accessorize the room and offer advice on what kind of draperies we should hang, but I don't think she'll come as a "Santa" present this year.

I'm vowing, after shopping for Thanksgiving groceries, to shop for Christmas online this year as much as I can. We'll see how it goes. I'm now a disciple of Bargain Briana, so I'm hoping to use some money-saving tricks from her, but at the very least, I'll avoid MADNESS in the stores, and shopping online is going to require advance planning, so we'll stay within budget too.

I love the time between Thanksgiving Break and Christmas Break. My school this year isn't ending its semester until after we return in January, so I won't have a lot of papers to grade over the Christmas break either! Woo hoo! Yea for the teachers, but boo for the kids needing to retain final exam information while they are on Christmas Break.

Have a wonderful Christmas (if I don't blog before then) and I'll post pictures of our holiday decorations soon.