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Back to School and good things come to those who wait

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Back to School
Since the first week of August, we've been "back to school." The kids have had Band Camp each day from 8-5! Yes, that's right. 8-5! The youngest has been "worn out" each afternoon, and I've had to have dinner "ready to go" as they are "starving" upon arriving at home.

Tomorrow, I go "back to school" officially, but I've been up at the school a considerable amount during August. My classroom is still a total wreck, but I'll have it pulled together before Thursday night as then is "Meet the Teacher" night.

I find it funny that a year ago, I knew NO ONE on that night, and this year, many of the people I say hello to I already know.

Challenges this school year?
  1. Teaching my son
  2. Teaching a "new" old prep.
  3. Organizing some new initiatives in our school.
  4. Cooking dinner and running a junior high and high school kid to-and-fro.
  5. Being in the world, but not of it.
Waiting for the right time
I've window shopped for new living room furniture for quite a while. What we had in our "city house" just didn't fit the room in our new home. I'm not talking a difference in style--I mean PHYSICALLY fitting the room.

I've thought several "If I could design this room over..." thoughts, but we've saved up the money and we went yesterday to pick out a new sofa (called a conversational sofa as the two ends fold a bit back to the center--think modified sectional), a HUGE storage ottoman that can accommodate four pairs of feet AND store all the gaming equipment/TV remotes/blankets, and odds and ends, and a swivel rocker. We were able to select fabrics (which made me feel like I was in the show Sarah's House and hubby was my design assistant, Tommy).

We just need to pull the trigger and in a few weeks, wah-lah, new furniture will be in place.

Not that getting "stuff" is the end-all, but it is helping me feel settled and less displaced.

They continue to fascinate me. I continue to ask them to get along and share the feeders. Hummingbirds are a lot like kids and probably a lot of adults too.

I'll keep you updated on the living room and classroom redos. Once has to happen MUCH sooner that the other!