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Thankful for the little things...

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I should be going to bed, but I felt the Spirit move to list a few things I'm thankful for...
--I'm thankful for my wonderful, transformed, husband. He is AMAZING even when he is in a bad mood. I love him more each day...not cliche.
--I'm thankful for my daughter, son, and daughter. Each were created individually and uniquely and each have God specific talents that I love seeing them develop and discover.
--I'm thankful for good friends--new and old, especially the ones at the top of the Bluff.
--I'm thankful for my teacher friends--many who are my mentors through their classroom management or crazy cool teaching ideas. I love that they are willing to share their ideas and not hide them in file drawers.
--I'm thankful for the Godly friends my children have and the positive role models in their lives. Thank you for those who pour positivity into them.
--I'm thankful for small things like perfecting a Cafe Mocha from scratch and for someone in Blue Ridge who told me what it would take to survive as the new girl in town. :)
--I'm thankful for wonderful parents and a mom who will drop most anything and come when I need her AND do the laundry even when I don't ask.
--I'm thankful that after an exhausting search, we've found a church where we feel God has called us and we can dig roots.
--I'm thankful for my husband and his ability to provide for his family.
--I'm thankful for God's perfect timing--He's showing this to us greatly in 2009.


Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

And I am grateful for finding you again, thriving for Christ, post NLBC. Isn't life grand? ~Mindy